Artist Banksy Creates Picasso’s Guernica In The Streets Of New York City

The Artist Banksy has created a work of Art that I would argue is one his most powerful to date, not on canvas but appropriately in the streets of New York City. The work is posted on his New York Artists residency site Better Out Than In and is dated October 9, 2013. There is an audio guide that accompanies the work and is a must listen to while viewing the artwork.


…art will be taught in grade school again.

…life will imitate art.

…artists won’t be depicted in the movies as drunks, druggies and weirdo’s.

…artists living in America will be able to support themselves with their art only and will not need a “day job”.

The Art Of Free Form Creativity

One of my favorite creative endeavors is to casually start playing around with whatever art medium is close by and see where it goes.  It might be colored pencils, paints or scraps of wood; similar to what a musician might do when picking up a guitar or a trumpet that’s lying around. The idea is to just start without any predetermined ideas or expectations.  In other words, working as close to subconsciously as possible.  I like to think of it as Free Form Creativity.

Follow The Creative Path

How many times in a conversation about artistic talent or creativity have you heard someone say, “I can’t even draw a straight line”?  Maybe you’ve even said it yourself.

It often appears that the majority of people associate drawing as the yardstick of measure on whether one is creative or has artistic talent.

You Know You’re An Artist…

…if all your artwork compositions have perfect balance but your checkbook does not.

…if you get so involved in working on your artwork that you forget to eat.

…if it takes half an hour to describe the sunset you saw today.

And The Sunset Was Orange And Yellow...